Connection and friendship are at the heart of what we do – sponsorship is how we put these values into practice.

Sponsoring a child with Umunandi creates a direct, tangible connection between you and the child you sponsor. Like all kids, the children we support need love, care, and an education to prepare them for their adult life. Sadly, in the areas where we work this is all too often missing from children’s lives. By sponsoring a child, you become part of a community that fills this gap for vulnerable kids, changing their whole future.

Sponsorship costs £20 a month.

A couple of coffees

That’s less than two coffees a week!

Why sponsor?

A girl with her brother just outside school

A girl with her brother just outside school

We saw this girl outside the school gates one morning, hanging out with some pupils on a break. When the school bell rang, the kids she was chatting to ran back into school, heading for their classrooms to learn. With no family to pay her school fees, this girl instead picked up her baby brother, put him on her back, and went back to what she had been doing – fetching water. This is the reality of day to day life in the township around Greenpark School: girls and boys as young as 8 have to take care of their younger siblings instead of being taken care of themselves, and have no chance of accessing the essential education they need to escape poverty.

Umunandi is working to change this. If you sponsor a child with us, you’ll be helping change the life of a kid just like this girl – giving her a chance to learn and be a child herself, and most importantly giving her hope for the future. It’s an amazing thing to do.

Sponsorship options

Sponsor a banana

£5 a month

For just £5 a month you can sponsor a banana*. This will give a vulnerable child lunch every day at school – vital for their learning.

* Okay, yes, you’re not actually sponsoring a banana. It’s tricky teaching a banana to read.

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Grace Nambela

Sponsor a child

£20 a month

Sponsor a child for £20 a month – less than the cost of a couple of coffees a week.

This will pay for their tuition, uniform, stationery and toiletries – everything they need to get the education they need.

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Sponsor both

£25 a month

Combine the two together. £25 a month will provide both education and nutrition for your sponsored child.


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100% of your sponsorship goes directly to support and educate your child. None of it is spent on Umunandi’s administrative costs in the UK. Read more about how we do this.